New Las Vegas Projects Currently in the works:

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New projects are always going up all over the world. When new building projects are in the works it seems to fascinate people and it can bring about excitement especially to those living within close proximity of the new project site.

For example, there are some very important projects now under construction in Las Vegas. A Kitty corner is presently under construction within the heart of Las Vegas. This particular site was supposed to be used for the new Echelon Place. However, negotiations caused the focus to shift and it was ultimately decided that Kitty corner would be erected on this particular site.

This new Vegas based project will cost well over 3 Billion dollars. In addition, this amazing project will include over 6,500 luxury hotel rooms, a spacious movie theater as well as a large Convention hall. Also, a 30,000 square foot lake will be created as part of the luxurious Chinese garden. This new project may temporarily get some focus off of the gaming industry which is how Las Vegas became so popular from the onset.

Another major construction project underway in Las Vegas is the construction of a new T-mobile arena. MGM is responsible for the building of the new and fascinating T-mobile arena. The new arena will house 20,000 seats in which a variety of entertainment events can be held. The T-mobile arena will be capable of holding yearly consumer electronic shows and demonstrations.

The T-mobile arena will be perfect for business travelers. In addition, the arena will have conference centers that can accommodate business people as well as large corporations who must travel to Las Vegas to conduct their company and or corporate business.

A deal is currently in the works to construct a brand new Convention center within the heart of Las Vegas. You must admit the new construction plans in Vegas will certainly take focus off gambling at least temporarily.

The new convention center will cost over 2 Billion dollars to construct. The Convention center will be built on the former site of the “Riviera Hotel”. One positive aspect of building a new Convention center is that it will make additional space available for building new projects. The hotel and casino without a doubt takes up a great deal of space that can certainly be utilized for something better than a casino and hotel.

A brand new expansion of Showcase mall is being constructed on the Las Vegas strip. The Showcase mall can be easily identified by the larger than life Coke bottle in front of the main building. The large Coke bottle will soon make the new Showcase mall project a popular place of interest.

The new expansion project will include a new three story building. The first level of the building will be approximately 3500 square feet. The entire first level will be the “Rock” shop. In addition, the second level of the new building will have a spacious bar as well as a dining room area. The second level dining area can seat up to 650 guests.

The second level will also have an outside dining area which will be approximately 1600 square feet. Both inside and the outside dining areas will give all guests a full view of the Las Vegas strip.

The third floor of this unique building will be a music area. The entire third floor can be used for special concerts, music presentations as well as for parties and dinners. The third floor will also have bathroom facilities as well as a help desk.

*Shifting Focus from Gaming to Simple Entertainment:

The Showcase mall will also have a Hard Rock Cafe. The Hard Rock Cafe is a popular attraction that always seems to attract a large crowd. Travelers and locals seem to enjoy a trip to Hard Rock Cafe. Hard Rock Cafe will also have a small on site shop that will cell Hard Rock Cafe souvenirs. Popular Hard Rock souvenirs include T-shirts, mugs, key chains, Hard Rock caps and other merchandise. Therefore, tourists can take home a token that reminds them they visited the new Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.

The new construction plans for the Las Vegas strip will certainly change the night life and shift focus to more interesting and more productive things. The new construction plans may hurt the gaming industry to a small degree. However, it will more or less give Las Vegas a much needed make over.

The new Las Vegas construction plans are expected to increase tourism and of course bring in additional revenue. If everything goes as planned, the casinos will not be the only reason that tourists make their way to Las Vegas in the future. Las Vegas will have other tourist attractions as well as places of interest for tourists.

Five of the Largest Construction Projects in the World

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There are millions of large construction projects happening all over the world. These projects are massive and they are taking a number of years to complete. These construction projects are also very expensive and time consuming. Some of these projects are set to be record breaking and will gain the admiration of people from all around the world. These are the five largest construction projects of the world.


Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai


This airport is like none other in the world. The roof is dome shaped and the airport is over 21 square miles. A person can spend the day just trying to find their terminal. This airport is not yet complete. If things go according to schedule the airport should be open for public use by 2018. This facility is looking to hold a 200 wide body aircraft at one time. The current airport is in operation and this part is just the expansion. This project is expected to cost around $32 billion dollars by the time that it is completed. This airport has many features that a guest would find to be luxurious. There will be upscale dining facilities as well as a sitting area where a person can wait for their flight.


Jubail II, Saudi Arabia


This is one of the biggest industrial if not the biggest city industrial project in the world. Construction started in 2014 and so fat $11 billion has been spent on this project. Once this project is finished there are many structures that will be built. Currently there are 100 industrial plants under construction as well as 800,000 cubic meters that are being used to make a desalination plant. There are also going to be several miles of railroad tracks and a highway that will go through the area. In addition to all of this an oil refinery is being constructed. This refinery will be able to make at least 350,000 barrels of oil a day if not more. This project is said to be completed in its entirety by 2024. There are several aspects that are almost neat completion but due to the size this project will take some time to complete.


Dubailand, Dubai

This is one of the biggest entertainment projects to ever be worked on. When this project is completed it is estimated that three Walt Disney Worlds will be able to fit into Dubailand. The park is going to be over 278 square kilometers and is going to have six areas. There will be theme parks with rides as well as a sports venue. There will be a section that will be dedicated to eco tourism. There will also be health facilities as well as a number of different science attractions. Included in this complex is a hotel that is scheduled to be the largest hotel in the world. This hotel is going to have 6,500 guests’ rooms as well as a mall that is 10 million square feet. The complex is on schedule to be completed by the year 2025. It is going to cost $54 billion to make the largest entertainment complex. This will be something that is well worth visiting when it is opened to the public.


Sellafield Nuclear Site, England

There are over 700 acres that are set aside for this nuclear furl reprocessing facility. It is estimated that the cost for this project are gong to exceed $15 billion. The company that is building this facility is Magnox which is the main nuclear fuel provider for the United Kingdom. The site is not too well received by the public but the company is taking steps to make things safe. This is still one of the biggest construction projects in the world.


Great Man Made River Project, Libya

This project has been in the works since 1985. This is one of the largest construction and irrigation projects that is taking place in the world. When this project is finally completed it will allow 350,000 acres of arable land access to water through the irrigation systems. This will allow many of the urban areas in the country of Libya access to water that is safe for drinking. The water is going to use the underground Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System for the source of water. There is still a lot to do on this construction project. It is not schedule for completion until the year 2030.


These are the five biggest construction projects that are being developed in the world. These projects cost in the billions of dollars to complete. They are not being constructed quickly either. These projects are taking decades to finish. When these construction projects are completed they will be some of the biggest projects in the history of construction in the world. Some of them will be the most expensive projects as well.

Las Vegas Escorts and how authorities are working smarter to minimizing illegal activities

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Las Vegas Escorts services are booming in the city of non stop action. Escorts in Vegas can easily be found by opening the Yellow Pages. Prostitution in Las Vegas is still illegal. This is why Las Vegas Escorts businesses do not advertise for sexual favors. They market for renting an individual for non sexual activities. This is how it has become so easy to rent escorts in Vegas without getting caught. Once the escort arrives at the clients room, any deal between the two can be made including sexual contact. Technology has now made it even easier to hire an escort. Instead of just the Yellow Pages, anyone can use their smartphone, tablet or computer. Promoters for these escort businesses also pass out fliers from the street. The internet allows you to see pictures of the escorts even view their social media accounts.
Las Vegas is also home to many adult-themed clubs such as strip clubs and kinky fetish clubs. They shoot film and digital pornography movies here. There are nineteen brothels that operate in Las Vegas and are legal. Some may say that this is the safest form of prostitution. The State board requires prostitutes to undergo testing regularly for sexually transmitted diseases. Patrons of the brothels are also required to wear condoms. Clients can pick a lady or ladies from a line up. The price is then negotiated behind closed doors and the sex workers can refuse you at any time. Generally you can find a brothel by word of month or the internet. Brothels are not allowed to advertise in any city where prostitution is illegal.

Brave and brazen escorts troll the casinos and bars even thought there are cameras everywhere. Asking an upfront question on camera such as “how much do you charge?” will easily get you arrested. Smart escort companies will verify your hotel room and identify before calling you back. This is to ensure you aren’t a drunk 20 something trying to pull a prank on your buddy. Seasoned clients know the lingo and what to ask for and what not to ask for. The assumption it is legal for you to pay for a private striptease. If you give her a nice tip what ever happens is just free consensual sex between two adults.

With so many websites out there offering you tips on how to hire an escort, it’s become a bigger job for police to crackdown. Clark County police officers arrest over 4,000 prostitutes each year. The problem with that is, these are mostly street workers. During the Super Bowl alone, police arrested 13 women caught prostituting loitering on the streets. Clark County district attorneys are asking that multiple offenders receive jail time and 100 hours of community service. They are also asking the offenders be required to attend an AIDS awareness class. If they are caught solicitating for prostitution in a casino or hotel corridor they will be banned from that area for 6 months to a year. After those months have passed you are only allowed back to the area if you live or are lawfully employed in the hotel or casino. If you are caught there for any other reason you will be arrested and given jail time.

Many believe that pimps are the primary offenders when it comes to cracking down on prostitution. Law enforcement is fully aware of the importance and not ignoring this problem. Clark County has two investigative units that work with nothing other but pimps. Police are fighting the fight against prostitution by placing their own ads on Craigslist and Backpage. They are placing ads requesting escorts as well as pretending to be escorts to lure in men. Undercover female police offers make hundreds of arrests per year of men who try to hire prostitutes. Many receive a slap on the wrist such as an ordinance violation and a $500 fine. Fortunately for them it will not appear on their criminal record. They also will not receive any jail time unless there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest. Once these men are caught, generally the chance of them being rearrested is low. Undercover operations are done all of the time when trying to bust escort services and massage parlors. They will research online advertisements and arrange appointments around the city.

Prostitution goes hand and hand with other crimes as well. Drugs, violence and even theft. Street prostitutes are known to slip their clients a knock-out drug and steal their wallets and jewelry. Police are also looking for victims of human trafficking and child prostitution. Hoping to halt the production of child prostitution Dianne Feinstein is trying to pass the Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation Act. This act would give prison sentences of up to 10 years to those who operate websites that promote child escorting and child prostitution.


Addressing California’s Water Challenge With Macro Solutions

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The water shortage in California has resulted in some significant drawbacks for the state, not the least of which is a significant decrease in the quality of living. Addressing the concerns found throughout the state is more than a matter of conservation however, it is a matter of addressing the size of the population which is consuming it. California is a large state, and its population is largely concentrated within major city centers such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In areas such as these, the conservation of water is a matter of creating mechanisms and schemas which disperse water to the population without excess waste. Addressing the issues associated with the large population in California is something which means that there will need to be both compromises in policy, and updates made to the infrastructure. Between these two changes, it should be possible to look for ways to cut back on the amount of water being consumed in the state. Ironically, genetically modified organisms which are often seen negatively in the public eye, it is important to consider that plants which are consumed by humans could be modified to consume less water. And the amount of water consumed by people could also be lessened as well.

Moving into a campaign in which GMOs are viewed as saviours rather than dangerous inventions of greedy corporations would be best personified by way of an increase in conservation. If more potable water and more affordable food are made available to the public, it stands to reason that the public will be more likely to support the actions taken. Prior to the implementation of these policies however, it would be vital to establish that the GMOs created for the sake of consuming less water are my carcinogens. While the research supporting this conclusion is compelling, it is hardly conclusive, and reaching these conclusions one way or the other would be vital in moving forward. If the public cannot be confident in their decision to utilize these organisms, it stands to reason that they could ultimately bar this path towards water conservation. The trouble is that the use of GMOs has not been extensive for an extended period of time, and this culminates in an atmosphere of necessary uncertainty. If plants are going to consume less water however, it is also possible to utilize existing technologies to recycle and disperse water for agricultural purposes.

Irrigation and the recycling of water after plants have utilized it is much more difficult in an open area such as a field, as opposed to a controlled environment like a building with a hydroponics setup. In a controlled environment, it is much easier to recycle and subsequently disperse water in a closed loop, but realistically speaking, this is difficult to perform at an industrial level. The potential cost especially presents unique challenges; however, if hydroponics and GMOs were combined, then plants might both grow faster and consume less water. The accelerated growth of the plants in question could help to offset the increased costs presented to the company which is growing the crops in question. As the costs decrease thanks to technological improvements in the growing process, these savings can be passed on to consumers. These savings would also amount to a more affordable cost for consumers, thus addressing the water shortage and other costs as well. With multiple benefits being presented to the population, it stands to reason that they might consider changes in public sentiment currently related to GMOs and the companies that utilize them. Outside of technology, one of the best options available to cut back on water consumption is the pairing of public policy with public sentiment in support of using less water.

The ways in which people address their water needs could be mandated by law, this is already the case with regard to watering one’s lawn. Other activities such as flushing toilets could also be addressed, especially by way of flush efficient toilets and other devices. These devices could be made to be tax deductible or through some other means of incentive, which could also include negative incentives. Utilizing fines and other punitive measures would be a last resort, and the use of monitoring technologies at the utility company would help to determine whether or not a given person is compliant. Ensuring that there is a determined effort to conserve water inevitably results in government involvement, and this is due to the size and scope of the issue in question. Public sentiment being behind such measures is therefore all the more vital, because much of the resolution’s effectiveness relies upon public cooperation and accountability. Ultimately, the issues associated with water shortages are both a public and personal problem for all citizens in California, and this amounts to a circumstance in which transparency and cooperation are vital.



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