New Las Vegas Projects Currently in the works:

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New projects are always going up all over the world. When new building projects are in the works it seems to fascinate people and it can bring about excitement especially to those living within close proximity of the new project site.

For example, there are some very important projects now under construction in Las Vegas. A Kitty corner is presently under construction within the heart of Las Vegas. This particular site was supposed to be used for the new Echelon Place. However, negotiations caused the focus to shift and it was ultimately decided that Kitty corner would be erected on this particular site.

This new Vegas based project will cost well over 3 Billion dollars. In addition, this amazing project will include over 6,500 luxury hotel rooms, a spacious movie theater as well as a large Convention hall. Also, a 30,000 square foot lake will be created as part of the luxurious Chinese garden. This new project may temporarily get some focus off of the gaming industry which is how Las Vegas became so popular from the onset.

Another major construction project underway in Las Vegas is the construction of a new T-mobile arena. MGM is responsible for the building of the new and fascinating T-mobile arena. The new arena will house 20,000 seats in which a variety of entertainment events can be held. The T-mobile arena will be capable of holding yearly consumer electronic shows and demonstrations.

The T-mobile arena will be perfect for business travelers. In addition, the arena will have conference centers that can accommodate business people as well as large corporations who must travel to Las Vegas to conduct their company and or corporate business.

A deal is currently in the works to construct a brand new Convention center within the heart of Las Vegas. You must admit the new construction plans in Vegas will certainly take focus off gambling at least temporarily.

The new convention center will cost over 2 Billion dollars to construct. The Convention center will be built on the former site of the “Riviera Hotel”. One positive aspect of building a new Convention center is that it will make additional space available for building new projects. The hotel and casino without a doubt takes up a great deal of space that can certainly be utilized for something better than a casino and hotel.

A brand new expansion of Showcase mall is being constructed on the Las Vegas strip. The Showcase mall can be easily identified by the larger than life Coke bottle in front of the main building. The large Coke bottle will soon make the new Showcase mall project a popular place of interest.

The new expansion project will include a new three story building. The first level of the building will be approximately 3500 square feet. The entire first level will be the “Rock” shop. In addition, the second level of the new building will have a spacious bar as well as a dining room area. The second level dining area can seat up to 650 guests.

The second level will also have an outside dining area which will be approximately 1600 square feet. Both inside and the outside dining areas will give all guests a full view of the Las Vegas strip.

The third floor of this unique building will be a music area. The entire third floor can be used for special concerts, music presentations as well as for parties and dinners. The third floor will also have bathroom facilities as well as a help desk.

*Shifting Focus from Gaming to Simple Entertainment:

The Showcase mall will also have a Hard Rock Cafe. The Hard Rock Cafe is a popular attraction that always seems to attract a large crowd. Travelers and locals seem to enjoy a trip to Hard Rock Cafe. Hard Rock Cafe will also have a small on site shop that will cell Hard Rock Cafe souvenirs. Popular Hard Rock souvenirs include T-shirts, mugs, key chains, Hard Rock caps and other merchandise. Therefore, tourists can take home a token that reminds them they visited the new Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.

The new construction plans for the Las Vegas strip will certainly change the night life and shift focus to more interesting and more productive things. The new construction plans may hurt the gaming industry to a small degree. However, it will more or less give Las Vegas a much needed make over.

The new Las Vegas construction plans are expected to increase tourism and of course bring in additional revenue. If everything goes as planned, the casinos will not be the only reason that tourists make their way to Las Vegas in the future. Las Vegas will have other tourist attractions as well as places of interest for tourists.

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